Slow Food The County

On a cold Sunday afternoon in November, 2005, a group of 15 people gathered together to discuss the Slow Food movement and the feasibility of setting up a convivium in Prince Edward County.

The group did not take long to decide that given Prince Edward County’s long agricultural history and increasing reputation as a culinary tourism mecca, a Slow Food Convivium was not only important to The County—but also far overdue.

Slow Food The County is responsible for organizing food and wine events. We create initiatives and moments of conviviality. We raise the profile of products and promote local farmers, culinary artisans and vintners.

We also organize tasting courses and workshops to promulgate new food and wine developments, along with knowledge of the County's products and cuisines of other areas. In short, Slow Food The County educates in matters of taste, rooted in a philosophy of embracing local food.

Decentralization – plus the ensuing conservation of typicality – and the voluntary nature of our members contribution are the most authentic characteristics of the movement. The network of contacts Slow Food has built over the years represents, without doubt, its most valuable asset.