DEVOUR! All the Details You’ll Need

Regent-Theatre-Picton-300x225Slow Food the County is pleased to announce the schedule of events for DEVOUR! The Food Film Festival in the County on Saturday, November 28. Buy tickets online.

We are proud to screen the winners from various categories from Nova Scotia’s Devour! The Food Film Festival and to associate with five County restaurants who will provide multicourse dinners in what we call FILMICIOUS!

Here is the schedule of events:

2:00-4:00 Afternoon Screening

Pasta Fatta a Mano
Chef Evan Funke makes beautiful, handmade, perfect pasta. Say no more.
USA, 2014, 2 minutes; Director Nathan Sage

Cheese (Cáis)
You don’t really think cheese when you think Ireland, but as this documentary reveals, you most definitely should.
Ireland, 2013, 25 minutes; Director Tanya Doyle

Good Things Await
Niels Stokholm has been a biodynamic farmer in Denmark for over 30 years. He along with his wife Rita are profoundly connected to their land, the ebb and flow of each season, and the spiritual force of the earth and stars. All of this results in the world’s top restaurants (like Noma) knocking on the farm door to procure produce, meat, and cheese for their exclusive menus. However, Niels is also a repeat offender who balks against a bureaucratic system that doesn’t understand his kind of animal husbandry: living harmoniously with the Danish Red cattle he fights so hard to preserve.
Denmark, 2014, 90 minutes; Director Phie Ambo

In The Regent’s lobby, the Vic Café will be selling some of their delicious fare, and a wine bar will feature a variety of wines by the glass from Three Dog Winery.


Five County restaurants are offering multicourse menus for an early dinner. The restaurants are Michael Hoy’s 106 Bridge St. in Picton, The Hubb in Bloomfield, Sebastien Schwab Cuisine on Wilson Rd. near Bloomfield, Williams Family Diner in Picton, and Blumen Garden Bistro on Highway 49 in Picton. Check out their websites for details of the menu and for how to reserve. Dinners start at 5 pm and you’ll be out by 7 pm to get back to the cinema.

Michael Hoy. The menu is on his Facebook page, Michael Hoy, and on his website.
The Hubb. The menu is on their Facebook page, The Hubb. For out-of-towners, there are also rooms to rent.
Sebastien Schwab Cuisine (see Filmlicious menu) at The Mystic Dandelion B&B, 77 Wilson Road, Bloomfield. For out-of-towners, there are also rooms to rent.
Williams Family Diner or their Facebook page, Williams Family Diner.
Blumen Garden Bistro. Menu is on their Facebook page, Blumen Bistro.

7:30-10:00 Evening Screening

Ain’t No Fish
Holy mac-ker-al! Wish for a catch ev’ry day and you’re wasting a wish, for Some days there just ain’t no fish.
UK/USA, 2014, 4 minutes; Directors Mike Cash & Tom Gasek

Forget spaghetti westerns and their stand-offs. This woman knows what she wants and she’s not letting anyone keep her from her cheese.
Canada, 2014, 5 minutes; Director Hannah Cheesman

Happy 140 (Felices 140)
On her 40th birthday, Elia invites some of her close friends and family to spend a weekend with her over great food and wine in a luxury seaside villa. But that’s not the only thing worth celebrating, as she reveals that she has won a 140 million euro jackpot, and each guest in turn reveals their true motives.
Spain, 2015, 94 minutes; Director Gracia Querejeta

Buy tickets online.