Food Declaration

Shifting from a Global to a Local Food System

We believe that our region needs to increasingly rely on local producers and processors. We have seen the dramatic effects of unpredictable pressures on our choices for food that is safe, nutritious, and available. The preservation of farmland and farming is critically important to ensure our access to such food. As citizens of Prince Edward County, we recognize that an ecologically and economically sustainable local food system is essential to a vital, healthy, food secure community. For Prince Edward County and area to be a more vibrant, inclusive community, we must celebrate, advocate for, and support our local food system.

Our Collective Commitments

As Convivium Members of Slow Food The County, we commit to:

  1. Celebrate the value of food and food production in our daily lives;
  2. Purchase food from environmentally sustainable local farms/farmers and food businesses at fair prices;
  3. Embrace ecological farming practices which minimize pesticides and fossil fuel inputs and maximize biodiversity;
  4. Advocate for a food system that promotes human dignity and community food security, with fair access to healthy and appropriate foods for all citizens;
  5. Call upon our governments, local institutions and businesses, through policy and practice, to become champions for local farmers and eaters;
  6. Play an active role in building a dynamic local food community through education, outreach, and cooperation;
  7. Creating educational opportunities for the children of our community to promote and inspire this same focus among our future generations.
  8. Support the creation of a food charter for Prince Edward County and the surrounding area that will guide the development of our future local food system.

We supporters acknowledge that acting upon our collective commitments is critical to building greater community resiliency, participation and networks to develop a sustainable food system.

Source: Food Down The Road Community Council, 2008. Local Food Summit Declaration. City of Kingston

If you would like to sign our food declaration in person, please go to Pinch Gourmet at 7 Elizabeth Street, Picton Ontario, or email us at to do so virtually.