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Plan Your Kitchen Wisely

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While planning your kitchen, you need to follow specific guidelines along with considering some options.

Efficiency is always the leading factor. Sufficient amount of lighting and placing the work triangle properly play a crucial role in the finished layout. This will help you to use your kitchen most reasonably.

custom kitchen cabinets in Scarborough

Besides, you need to consider your overall family’s lifestyle and the people who will use the kitchen. Did you give a think about the flooring, color of walls, custom kitchen cabinets in Scarborough or backsplash?

A smart assembly of these factors will build a productive and cohesive kitchen, which will be loved by your friends and family.

Let’s have an enhanced look at these factors.

Work triangle

The basic concept behind the theory of work triangle states that the three major working areas in the kitchen are arranged in a triangular manner. The three major areas are the sink, refrigerator, and stove. Keeping these areas within a range of 4 to 9 feet would make an ideal arrangement. The total sum of the distance amidst the three areas must not exceed 13 feet and also, it must be less than 26 feet. This formula helps in keeping the major kitchen areas in proportion- without them being too far or either too close.

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Sufficient amount of light is necessary for the kitchen. Making use of natural light via sliding doors or windows is a smart way of lighting. You can determine the number and size of windows in your kitchen by considering its size.

Moreover, you also need to think about the options for lighting the kitchen area after the sunsets. Can lights are a great way of lighting up the kitchen. These lights are in the ceiling and do not distract one’s eyes while also highlighting certain areas of your choice.

You can also consider the option of decorative lighting. Having decorative lighting, which contrasts the custom kitchen cabinets in Scarborough, adds beauty to your kitchen while adding great taste to the ambiance.


You can never ignore the lifestyle of your family while considering planning the design of your kitchen. The count of people working in the kitchen at a given time, count of people in the family and use of kitchen for entertainment are some of the considerations, which you need to make.

If more than one person works in the kitchen at a given time, you will need more space to in the kitchen and additional counter space.

custom kitchen cabinets in Scarborough

Color scheme

While planning flooring, counterparts, walls, backsplash, you must possess a particular scheme in mind. Also, make sure that the custom kitchen cabinets in Scarborough go by all the other elements of your kitchen.

Have a clear idea about what kind of kitchen style are you looking for- the trendsetter or popular one, classic or one, which has a timeless look.

Scarborough custom kitchen cabinets


Design the kitchen of your dreams by considering the points mentioned above. An expert’s opinion always comes in handy. Enquiring a professional or interior designer for your custom kitchen cabinets in Scarborough is a good idea.