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What should you consider before reforming a bathroom?

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The bathroom is one of the rooms of the house that is most often renovated along with the kitchen. It is normal if you think about the amount of use you give to the bathroom daily. In the long run, this stay will need a complete or partial renovation. This article tells you how to do bathroom renovations Woodbridge and everything you need to consider carrying out this work.

What should you consider before reforming a bathroom?

When renovating a bathroom you have to take into account several factors that range from the needs you want to cover or improve to the budget you have to carry out the reform.

bathroom renovations woodbridge

  • Consider changing the bathtub for a shower tray:

The bathtub may be an option if you have several bathrooms at home. But having a shower tray is a much more future-oriented option. A shower is much more accessible to the elderly or people with reduced mobility. There are many models of showers in the market, and you can always choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • One or two sinks?

This may be a matter of little importance, but two sinks in the bathroom is one of the current trends, especially if it is the bathroom in the main room. If you have enough space, you can choose to install two individual sinks, one for each member of the couple, placed in front of a common mirror that occupies the entire length of the wall.

  • Remove the bidet:

At present, the use of the bidet has been relegated to the place where the clothes or the towel is left after the shower. This element occupies a space that you can use to distribute the bathroom more equitably. Removing the bidet you can install a wall radiator, where to dry the towels. It can also be the perfect place for a shelf of sizes and accessories.

bathroom renovations woodbridge

  • The faucet is essential:

Reforming the bathroom is not just changing the appearance of the room, what you see in plain sight; you also have to pay attention to faucets and pipes. On many occasions, when bathroom renovations Woodbridge takes place, it is already more than 20 years old. Drains and faucets may not work properly. They may have deteriorated with the use of materials that were not as resistant as current ones.

  • The material for the countertop of the washbasin:

The design of the washbasin can be diverse, depending on the preferences of each one. You can opt for a ceramic sink, but you can also have a sink embedded in a piece of furniture of another material. Some of the most used materials are marble, tiles, glass or quartz. The wood can give a rustic touch to our bathroom, but it would not be advisable if the room does not have a window to ventilate, due to the humidity.

bathroom renovations woodbridge

  • Maximum use of storage space:

Bathroom renovations Woodbridge not only involves replacing the main elements, such as the sink or the bathtub, you also have to take into account the accessories, towels and any other utensils that you usually keep in this room. If you have chosen to remove the bidet, you will have gained space to place storage items. Another very common option is a closet under the sink, making the most of the space.